Confidently Meek?

So someone said meek means not necessarily someone who is timid and shy; but rather someone that contains knowledge and power through the mind, but simply just chooses to withhold themselves in their own humbleness. I thought this was nice – I don’t exactly know why but I think of those of us in our teenage years it seems that if your not always the loudest or most outgoing, it can be assumed that maybe you don’t have as valid of an opinion as someone else; who might speak their mind in dispute. I encourage anyone out there in the world that no matter your; race, gender or morals-that you don’t be so quick to judge and honestly those with confidence, provide your voice for someone a bit more quiet and talk to them, if they look like they have something to say-not in a confronting way but just nice. I’m not sure, I know that it’s hard to not stick to the status quo but you only do. live. once. and for the sake of moral support and human well-being, I find myself privileged that among my lifetime I might just be able to help someone out. I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say. I mean if not just put an inspirational instrumental soundtrack in the background while reading this and I’m sure you might possibly feel some inch of being inspired.

-Peace out xx Zobird

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p.s. the pictures are from my trip to Hawaii, if you want to see a post on that, just comment or like and well, let me know :))


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