xoxo Gossip Girl


*Spoiler Alert*

K, so sorry that I might be a bit late on the gossip girl train, but anyway, I just finished watching the series this week! I’m happy but sad – idk does anyone feel accomplished when they finish or get up to date with a TV show… or is that just me :/
So overall I really liked the series, to anyone wondering if they should watch it or not I definitely recommend it 🙂 I will say at some points it can seem somewhat repetitive  or tedious– but it’s worth it. But I can’t believe Dan was Gossip Girl! Not gonna lie though the ending did make me happy that Dan and Serena ended up together – and of course Blair and Chuck ❤ – I loooooved Blair’s wedding dress! – although did Lily Van Der Woodsen end up back with William?!?!?! (Serena’s dad)  that’s kinda dog. Although if that means Serena and Dan could be together I’m all good with that.

Anyway I’m sorry that this is a bit of a random post compared to the rest of my content but I thought it would be nice to dedicate a post to gossip girl ya know? — Also have you watched the Gossip Girl series? Are you in the middle of watching it? What are your thoughts on it all — and tell me if there are any other shows you think I’d like! Comment below and let me know your thoughts 🙂

xoxo Zobird

Haha doesn’t have the same ring to it as Gossip Girl does it? lol


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