Motivated? Yeah, Nah.

Have you ever found yourself contemplating in your mind, drowned in lots of different goals that you just want to go out and achieve in your life, you feel extremely motivated; but… when it comes down to the crunch, next day, you’ve lost that spark – happens to me too often. I admit usually I do still find myself motivated to run after my ambitions however I find it extremely difficult to express myself from the mental side of the goals to the physical labour of the drive to achieve it.

I think that a problem I personally have is that I find myself in love with everything to do with everything, there’s hardly anything that I can whole-heartedly say that I dislike. Obviously I don’t enjoy everything in the world – it’s just that I’m a complete and utter optimist – woohoo! – Should be a good thing right? I’d like to think so but then I continually find myself in the same position where I am motivating everyone else around me to be the best they can be, and perhaps my words are one sided?

Repetitively, I find myself thinking of what I’d love to be doing with my life. TBH I THINK IM JUST LAAZZY L and To. Be. Honest. I, You, We, Us, any other pronoun you’d like to add in there, shouldn’t be living in doubt, desperation or laziness! Don’t want to sound 2012 but YOLO – honestly!, you – only – live – ONCE! Also, it’s extremely easy to think, I only live once ‘better make it a good life!’ but to really indulge and think about it for more than a second, because my, your, life is dependent on YOU! Not the person that doubts you, not the people you might think that doubt you, and definitely not your own self-doubt and ‘un-drive-ness’ keep you back from anything in life!

Basically what I’m saying is – believe in yo self 🙂 I definitely need to take this in myself, and I hope some of you guys will take something out of this aswell



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