The Carrie Diaries


I LOVED THE CARRIE DIARIES! So basically I watched all of the two seasons over two/three days and yes, I completely enjoyed it and did not even get bored the entire time I was watching it 🙂

I’m just really disappointed that the series only went for two seasons because I definitely would have enjoyed to follow the characters and the story-line after the second season, and it ended on such an un-final, un-ended note which made me kind of sad, it’s weird how fictional characters can make you feel so much connection a story.

I loved the fact that it was set in the 80’s, it just made me so happy, and it wasn’t the same as every other TV show set in the modern day. I also loved the actresses and actors on this show; mainly Annasophia Robb and Austin Butler – and when those two put together – PERFECt-ion!

I definitely recommend this TV show, I’d actually kind of forgotten about the show because it finished a few years ago, and I’d never watched it – but was always extremely intrigued. However, once seeing one episode, my perspective on the show was completely different; in a good way. Also! did I mention it’s set in New York! 🙂




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  1. ughmango says:

    I love The Carrie Diaries too!! I never watched the very last episode because I couldn’t stand Carrie and Sebastian breaking up haha. I really like your blog btw!

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    1. Zoe says:

      I know! that made me feel like the entire two seasons were all for nothing.. ahah – thankyou!


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