Simple style contrast

I think for every girl, it is prominent to invest in some extremely affordable, simple, ballet flats. These two pairs I got from Cotton On, brand of Rubi Shoes. I think I got them on sale and they were definitely worth it, I figure if you have a brown/ tanned (or black:) pair of flat shoes – practically all of your outfits are simply solved when regularly you would feel as though having no shoes to match your outfit.

Oh, and I also think that these shoes are great for if you do activities were you have to wear other shoes like dancing, soccer because you can easily slip them on and off to change shoes without ruining your football boots or ballet shoes! Although I recommend dedicating just one pair of shoes for this because you don’t want all of your shoes to somehow be half wrecked.

For the green shoes I purchased, I really liked them when I first saw them, but wasn’t sure if I would have anything to wear them with, but I wanted to take a risk and try out something different to the normal plain Jane. I find that if you wear anything with confidence – your sure to get complements. In fashion its all about being different and embracing your own style, yet the simple flats will always remain true in my heart to contrast a colourful, bold outfit 🙂



4 Comments Add yours

  1. graceful03 says:

    This is all so true! I have a pair of Bobs that are like your flat as and I wear them everyday! So comfy!


  2. Those shoes were so pretty!! I need to invest in shoes like this! Great blog! x


    1. Zoe says:

      Ty x and you should 😉

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