One lovely blog award:)?

Heyy, so I was nominated to do this awardy thing by  graceful03 and  that’s pretty cool so here are some 7 facts you mightn’t have know bout lil ol me:

  1. I love christmaaasssssss, pretty basic I guess, but pretty mandatory I think; actually today I got some supplies to do Christmas DIY’s
  2. hmm I really love the idea of Machu Pichu, I don’t know, something about Machu Pichu really makes me want to go to Machu Pichu, and South America in general (let me know if you live there or have been there because that would be coool)
  3. I like it when it rains, don’t get me wrong, I LOOOve a good sunny day. Although where I live it is usually sunny all the time (which is a good thing 😉 not complaining – at alll) so when it rains its just all nice a cosy and great
  4. I love a good sausage roll, like one that you get at an airport cafe and its all big and crunchy and mmmmmm….
  5. I like taking photos, not necessarily the best in the world or anything but I just find it quite fun.
  6. What else about me?hmm.. I, Likeee, School, funnily enough. This doesn’t mean that I get like A++++ or anything because I don’t really but I just like going and catching up with friends, I think holidays are well deserved though but I just think that while your in school you may as well enjoy it rather than be unhappy.
  7. I have a large and weird and interesting imagination, If people could be in my mind for one day they would be like.. WHaaaA????

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