White Rabbit

Alice in Wonderland is a book and a movie that completely bounds you into another world of bread and butterflies and loads of different characters. Which makes it very fun for dressing up and recreating the world. I think it’s called ‘disney bounding’ (correct me if I’m wrong) where you dress up as a disney character- with a modern twist.

As it’s Easter time, if your looking to dress up as the white rabbit – it’s great time to pick up some groovy rabbit ears! I got mine from Lovisa and I think their really cool because they’re rabbit ears, but are a bit more ‘fancy’ – not fancy.. but just interesting :)! Something that I didn’t do that would have ‘tied’ everything together nicely is to wear a cute choker that could either be yellow, black, and toned down orange, red – or whatever colour you like, bringing in the formality of the rabbit in a waistcoat, in a modern way.

What I’m wearing:

Shirt: Cotton On   /  Skirt: Dotti  /  Shoes: Rubi Shoes (except I actually don’t recommend these shoes because they are quite squeaky! which I do not like..)  /  Socks: Cotton on/Rubi Shoes .. I think  /  Ears: LovisaCollage Rabbit (2)


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